All the parameters you need to consider before choosing tiles or marbles for your flooring.

Don’t hurry into a choice, as changing your flooring is next to impossible!

Parameters Tiles Marbles
Price per sq.ft ₹35 - ₹370 ₹150-₹2500
Installation Price per sq.ft ₹20-₹25 ₹45-₹55 ( including polishing )
Standard Size (mm x mm) 250x750,300x300,300x600, 600x600,800x800,800x1600 2400-2500X1200-1400, 3300x2000
Thickness (mm) 5-14.5 mm 15-16 mm
Durablity Less Durable More Durable than tiles
Colors, Designs and Patterns Customizable Designs n number of sizes Unique Limited (Since its natural occurring )
Polish Polishing is not required, Comes pre-polished from the factory. Polishing is required after installation. Can be easily polished.
Room of Application Low Traffic Area i.e Bathroom, kitchen Mid Traffic area i.e Living rooms , Bed rooms , bathrooms , kitchen
Aging 10-15 years (Can't be polished) 25 years (Can be re-polished)
Slab Shape Square, Rectangular ,Triangle ( Depends Manufacturer ) Rectangular (Rest all shapes should be cut manually )
Finish available Glossy,Matte,Glazed,Polished,Textured,Unglazed,Honed,Lappato Glossy,Matte.
Thickness Tolerance ±1.5mm ±2mm
Installation Easy to install , as no post process required Not Easy (Should be polished later)
Cracks Tiles are less harder compared to marbles. Any cracks developed, then the tile should be replaced with newer one. Any cracks developed can be resolved using a sealer and then polished.

Note: The above parameters like durability, aging, are given considering a room of a house with a decent amount of traffic.

Marble as a comparatively longer life compared artificial tiles. Even though you can buy marble patterned tiles, not being cliché but still you find an antique, aesthetic finish in a tile flooring.
You can retain Marble flooring’s original look by just re-polishing the surface again whereas in tiles you’ll have to re-tile the floors or choose other options like granite, marble, wooden flooring, etc.
Price for tiles is fixed because they are manufactured on a large scale and can found in any retail store. Whereas on marbles, there are no specific price tags. It’s because they are natural stones and its price depends on its designs, colors, patterns, uniqueness, etc.