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Episode 2 – Becoming India’s Largest Landlord

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In this episode, I sat down with Smruti Parida – Co Founder of Nestaway.
For those Who Don’t know, Nestaway is India’s largest Managed Home Provider, with over 50,000 properties.
Nestaway went from 1 home to 100 homes to 1000 homes in a rapid manner. They furnish each home of theirs, provide appliances, and all basic necessities. I wanted to understand how Nestaway decides on which brand of product to buy, how to furnish your homes and other common mistakes any homeowner can make while building their own homes.

Smruti Sir has been part of the Nestaway journey from Day 1, I urge you guys to check out this interview, he has given some incredible insights regarding furnishing your home, which appliances to use and how to get the most bang for your buck.


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