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I sat with Uday from Nemmadi. Nemmadi translates directly to peace of mind, and Uday told me that his company ensures peace of mind to

Episode 4 – How to buy Plywood?

I spoke to Rajgopal Sir – VP of Sales South at Kitply and He told us answers to every question you can have related to

Episode 3 – How 1 Man is defining the future of Construction in India?

We had a unique opportunity to interview Mr Vijay, Founder and Director of Hommission has one goal – to make homes into a manufactured

Episode 2 – Becoming India’s Largest Landlord

In this episode, I sat down with Smruti Parida – Co Founder of Nestaway. For those Who Don’t know, Nestaway is India’s largest Managed Home

Episode 1 – Your Interior Design Firm is Taking you for a Ride, How You Ask?

I Sat down with Riya Solanki – an interior designer with over 5 years of experience in interior design industry. She has handled projects for