All the parameters you need to consider before choosing granite or marbles for your flooring.

Don’t hurry into a choice, as changing your flooring is next to impossible!

Note: The above parameters like durability, aging, Mohs scale, are given considering a room of a house with a decent amount of traffic.

Granite as a very long life compared to marble flooring. Granite flooring will last for generations to come. They are heat resistant and stain-resistant compared to marble flooring. Hence granite can be used on kitchen countertops.

One of the downside in granite is that you can’t flush the adjacent granite pieces and make the seamless as granites mostly contain grain-like patterns.
But in marble flooring, you can polish the borderline and make them seamless. Marble is softer material as they mainly contain calcium carbonate.
Price for tiles is fixed because they are manufactured on a large scale and can found in any retail stores. Whereas on granites and marbles, there are no specific price tags. It’s because they are natural stones and its price depends on its designs, colors, patterns, uniqueness, etc.