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21 checks for your Wedding decor!!

Weddings are the most celebrated events of our life’s. The age old tradition of huge gatherings has been followed on this day. Hence, every detail

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11 Beautiful Elements in Residences

Every space craves for attention and harmony at the same time. Details is what draws our attention to an object, knowingly or unknowingly. Like a

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15 creative Toilet Signages you will be amazed with!

Signage: Signs draw attention, communicate a message and compete with the environment around them. Location: A sign is seen within the context of other structures,

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4 Amazing Installation details for Perforated screens.

We have got a hang of some beautiful installation details for perforated image screens that all architects will want to try! (Detail courtesy- Image wall)

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8 Innovative partition wall ideas

Partition walls divide spaces according to their function but they need not always be a solid plain wall. A partition wall can be designed with

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10 Amazing Wall arts that you would drool over.

A mural/ Wall art is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other permanent surface. A distinguishing characteristic of

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29 Amazing & Unique Name plate ideas.

Nameplate : a plate or sign attached to something and bearing the name of the owner, occupier, maker, or the thing itself. As the definition

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5 things every Wife demands while planning interiors of your new Bedroom!

Remember, that meeting with your designer, when you as a couple went to discuss the idea of how your bedroom would look? Hahaha, yes, that

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Elegant fusion of materials in Coffee Tables & Center Tables

Furniture these days serve more than just the roles they have been designated. For example, arm chairs become storytellers during monsoons and winters. Similarly, center

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9 Creative Vertical Planting Ideas That will Give a Green touch to your Walls

Having a positive environment to live in is a basic necessity & emergency in the current scenario. With increasing pollution levels, depleting green covers and