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Top 10 Smoothie Maker and Blender

Smoothies are they best way to get maximum nutrition into your body in a quick and healthy manner. I think a smoothie maker is a

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World’s Cheapest Air Purifier

Honeywell, Xiaomi and various other companies have launched air purifiers. These are expensive, cost over minimum ₹ 5,000 and well, consume a lot of electricity.

Cancer Health Plywood

How Counterfeit Plywood is Causing Cancer !!!

Plywood is used in almost every single home. Our homes are incomplete without it. Plywood these days is there in almost every nook and corner

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Marble Flooring is Damaging your Knees – How to Stop This From Happening?

Human foot is a biological marvel, you can walk on a variety of surfaces, on lawn, grass, sand, rocks, wood even watery, slippery surfaces. Here’s