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Top 6 Modern Staircase Railing Ideas for your New Home

Staircase railing is an aspect of our home which we take for granted, what we tried to do was find the best types of railings

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How to Choose a Plot As Per Vastu?

Vaastu is an ancient Indian practice using direction to determine construction, making a room, layout of a city, home, office, bedroom and even direction which

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5 “Room Hacks” for Interior Design on a Budget

Our homes are a reflection of our state of mind. So, how can me hack our living space to feel better? when on a budget?

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Home Automation For Under Rs. 5,000

If you’ve heard of any new news related to technology, apart from the latest smartphones, you’ve most definitely hear of companies like Google, Apple, Amazon

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World’s Cheapest Air Purifier

Honeywell, Xiaomi and various other companies have launched air purifiers. These are expensive, cost over minimum ₹ 5,000 and well, consume a lot of electricity.

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How IKEA Will Impact India?

Have you been to a furniture store that takes up half your day? One where once you enter, you’ll have to spend 4-5 hours and

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Monolithic Construction Innovative Method to Construct your a Home / Building

Recently, I came across a brilliant Company working on a Construction technique called Monolithic Construction.The idea is this, like small objects, where we make a

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Pros and Cons of Vitrified Tiles

We usually see Contractors, Interior Designers, Architects say the Best alternative flooring to Marble or Granite flooring is Vitrified tiles. Have you wondered why? Flooring

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6 Reasons to have a Granite Flooring in your Home.

Granite is a igneous rock formed by magma cooling within the earth’s crust. The magma is rich in silica, when it cools down without reaching

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Why Does Paint Dry on the wall? Science of Why Paint Dries?

Firstly, we must know the four main components of paints. Paints are composed of Solvent Binder Pigment Additives 1. Why does Paint dry on walls