Best Ways Monitor Kids using Home Automation

Today’s children are tech-savvy. They are born after the millennium and grew up in an internet dominated world. Raising children can be challenging especially in a world where technology is changing rapidly. The anxiety of parents knows no bounds when their children are alone at home. Home Automation technology can now aide the need to be vigilant towards our children. Here is the list of ways to look after your kids by Home Automation.

There are many options available which can be explored for a stress-free experience of raising kids with the help of technology:

Smart Refrigerators

Samsung 810 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator
  1. Act as family message centers – Refrigerators can be controlled through phone applications and can alert the user with regard to supplies.
  2. Act as grocery management app – Refrigerators can order food directly from the screen.
  3. Have the ability to stream music, TV shows, educational info, etc. to keep toddlers entertained while you cook.

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Smart TVs

MI 4k TV 55in
  1. Help limit screen time for kids due to their ability to be remotely controlled or having a timer set.
  2. Help avoid inappropriate content display in TV shows or gaming applications.
  3. Modulated Data Usage

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Smart A/C

  1. Help to program the ON/OFF mode with the help of a timer.
  2. Help remotely switch ON/OFF to pre-set the temperature of a room. It helps in energy conservation.

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Smart Crock Pots

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  1. Connect to the internet and help control the cooking from anywhere using a mobile device.
  2. Control temperatures that set time for ON/OFF.

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Smart Lights

  1. Completely transform the way your home looks for a lot less than it would cost to re-decorate.
  2. Connect to the internet and be remotely controlled from a centralized location.
  3. It helps in energy conservation.

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Smart Wifi Routers

  1. Features to monitor your kid’s activities and manage their web access.
  2. It comes with Anti-Virus protection which automatically protects every device connected to your home network.
  3. This can be easily managed by Moblie and voice assistant (Google Assistant or Alexa)

There are also a number of smart assistants which can help in setting up routines for children on a daily basis.

Google Home Mini Voice Assistant

For example:

  1. Alexa by Amazon
  2. Google Voice Assistant
  3. Homepod by Apple

Smart assistants can help achieve a morning routine. Wake up alarms, reminders for tasks like brushing teeth, having breakfast, getting bags ready for school and daily chores for your kids.

Coming home could trigger another smart routine which could include having snacks, doing homework and watching a show by unlocking the controls of a TV. A smart bedtime routine could include closing automated blackout blinds, lowering the lights and playing lullabies. Amazon Echo and Google Home for kids can help kids learn good manners with programs like ‘Pretty Please’. One of the most important and helpful things to do with a smart assistant is to set the system to reward children for saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

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How to take Care of your Kid’s Health and Well-being

By using wearable smart devices which are controlled on the parent’s phone, we can get information on the child’s body temperature, heart rate, etc. in case the child is unwell. These devices can also encourage the child to eat healthier and exercise.

Kid watching Cartoon on TV

Home Video Monitoring:

  • With live streaming on phones, these gadgets ease out the stress for the parents while the child is alone at home.
  • Visitors’ entry and exit information availability via a security app can help alert parents with regard to movement in the vicinity of the house.
  • Smart lock apps allow for locking and unlocking of doors with your smart phones.
  • It can be programmed to grant access to trusted friends and relatives with the use of face recognition so they can enter the house without keys in case the child is in an emergency. You can receive push notifications for such activities.
  • Video doorbells help in live viewing of visitors which help us to answer the door remotely or call children to respond to the visitor.

Geo Fencing:

  • Uses GPS technology. Parents can use child safety gadgets to help keep their kids safe at home. Geo-fencing creates virtual boundaries that can tell you if someone enters the premises. It can be programmed in the security automation system to turn on in your absence and turn off when the child returns without having to worry about the doors being locked.
  • For parents who lose track of their children playing outside, they can use the proximity alarm to keep them close. It creates a virtual fence that is pre-determined and alerts you if your child wanders away.
Monitoring Kids  through  Home Automation
Kids exposed to excessive Web browser

Keep kids Safe from dangerous areas:

  • Babies and toddlers are natural explorers which can be dangerous sometimes. With child safety gadgets like smart cabinets, door sensors and motion sensors, you can deter small children from exploring unsafe places. The sensors send a push notification to your phone if they sense movement and can be installed in both medicine and cleaning supplies cabinets with ease. This can help prevent children from ingesting harmful chemicals and medicines.
  • Sensors can be installed in potentially dangerous areas like swimming pools, terrace, and gardens which can detect movements and immediately send alerts.

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Let a Robot raise your kids:

  • Kids need a lot of love and attention if you want them to mature into well-rounded adults. Sadly, after a long day at work, some of us don’t have the time or patience to deal with the whims of a needy youngster. In olden days, you might have turned to a baby sitter or a grandparent to get some respite.
  • Today, robots can do it all for you. Pepper is one example. It can read human emotions and adapt its behavior accordingly. If your kid is tired, Pepper will read it soothing stories, if your kid wants to play, Pepper can mirror their excitement. Pepper can also perform daily household chores.

To summarize it all, home automation is a blessing in disguise for all the people who need to monitor their children at home remotely and be assured about their safety.

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