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10 TV Unit Designs for Bedroom Room

The most important and necessary components of any bedroom or a living room excluding the beds and seats and the tables are the TV units.


10 Unique TV Unit Designs for your Hall

When you think of the of the phrase ‘home decor’, the immediate attention might shift to getting aesthetics right. Usually, people relate to the term


10 Key Architectural Styles & What Makes Them Unique

Introduction Variety is the essence of life. It is in life’s nature to diversify. When we travel across the world, we come across a variety

Architecture CNC Routing Jaali Landscape Architecture Laser Cutting Public Spaces Solutions

12 Unique Elevations Ideas For Your Commercial Complex

Elevation designs of commercial buildings have grown from strength to strength in recent times. Everywhere you look, the most innovative of designs strike your eye.

Name Boards nameboards Signage

5 Different Types of Signages for Retail Stores

Source: The first step to running a successful retail store is to get noticed. And the best way to draw attention is by installing

Apple Interior Design Name Boards nameboards Offices Public Spaces Retail

What Can You Learn from Apple’s Retail Experience?

Source: Have you read the book — The Apple Experience: Secrets to Building Insanely Great Customer Loyalty — by Carmine Gallo? Whether you are

Architecture CNC Routing Elevation Gates Home Jaali Landscape Architecture

12 Unique Elevations Designs for Your House

In today’s time, there is a lot of attention to detail given when it comes to the exterior architecture of your house. People tend to

Architecture Facade Home Landscape Architecture Laser Cutting Solutions

8 Different Facades for your Apartment Building

Source: A building facade comprises of an exterior finishing system, fixed just next to the skin of an apartment. It serves two purposes. First

Architecture Digital Manufacturing Facade Landscape Architecture Solutions

7 Types of Facades for your Commercial Complex

Credits: When constructing or designing a commercial complex, there are certain aspects which are different than those of a residential house. Architects and builders

Architecture Digital Manufacturing Facade Landscape Architecture Laser Cutting

13 Facades You Should Consider for your Next Project

Credits: ‘First impression is the last impression’ — often we are told that the opinion we form about someone or something in the beginning